Job Title

Associate - Investment


Bangalore | Delhi


Full time

Reporting to

President | CEO


Subject To Industry Standards And Tenure


The candidate will be responsible for (a) identifying start-ups for investing, understanding and researching new segments, due diligence prior to investments (b) working closely with the angel members, Legal and Accounting to manage documents flow, negotiations and close the investment (c) actively seek out dialogues with other funds and potential investors.

Key Responsibilities

Deal Flow Management

Managing Public Events, Start-up screening and analysis

Deal Structuring, valuation and deal closure

In depth research on deals being presented to the investors

Facilitate Due-diligence and deal closure

Deal Flow Generation

Focus on bringing high quality start-ups to the network for investments In-depth research to track industry trends and newer investment segments on a global & local scale

Evaluation of Business plan and model analysis

Support internal innovation processes and incorporating learnings

Create and build feedback loops to ensure a model of continuous improvement and value for both Investors and MA.

Work closely with the other team members to build a continuously building and learning network

Skills and Aptitude

Ability to operate in an unstructured environment

Exposure to working in a start-up environment is a strong plus

Experience in negotiating investments, valuations and investment terms

Strong understanding of term sheets and shareholder agreements and deal closure process

Entrepreneurial aptitude – with high ability to multi-task across assignments

Ability to work with several different stakeholders

Strong communication skills and Stakeholder centric mindset

Education and Experience

Degree in finance or business management

Experience: Approximately 2-3 Years

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