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eDreams Edusoft Private Limited is a Bangalore based start-up working in K-12 education technology products space. Company so far has enrolled 30+ top schools in India as their co-creation partners, have 20+ schools as pipeline customers and plan to take its' products to thousands of schools in a few years time. The current set of schools that company is working with are from cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Hassan, Mangalore, Mysore, Shiomga and Hyderabad.

Company is building a product “FunToot” in phase-1 . Company has created a clone of human-tutor to be used by student at home or in school labs. Product is intelligent and behave differently to each child depending on child’s capability, interest and proficiency.

The product is built on patent pending technology of eDreams like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Dynamic speech and video processing. Products are cloud based, multi-tenant, secure and easy to use. Company is filed patent for the inventions in technologies that it has created.

eDreams team consists of founders ( Most of them IIT/IIM) having significant experiences in business creation and technology creation. CEO had built a 100 MUSD Software Product R&D business at a large IT firm in India. And CTO has done two successful startups as founder & VP Engineering. Many of them have won many awards in their careers so far. Team believes in building world’s most innovative education software product company out of India.

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