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HMS InfoTech brings you a decisive edge through Hotelogix, an 'Easy to Adapt & Simple to use' solution that offers all that you might ever need as a Hotel Management Software to run your Hospitality Business smoothly.

Hotelogix is the WORLD's EASIEST SYSTEM to get started with. Just take the trial now and you will be amazed with simplicityof our unique sign-up process that will let you setup your property; for a full blown trial; in less than 10 minutes flat.You will experience a revolutionary system that is well suited for independent hotels, hotel chains, resorts, inns, lodges,bed & breakfast, and other mid sized hospitality setups. Further, based on Software as a Service, Hotelogix presents a simplepay-as-you-go option that lets you start enjoying its benefits without the prohibitive upfront deposits, and absolutely noadditional cost of infrastructure.

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