Portfolio Companies



The Wild East Group builds new businesses for a portfolio of intellectual property of the most forward thinking celebrities, media houses, sports teams, corporate brands, and technology companies. The Wild East Group strategically monetizes intellectual property via brand licensing and other types of strategic partnerships and equity models.  

As a first mover in this industry, The Wild East Group already exclusively represents IP monetizations opportunities Hrithik Roshan, Yash Raj Films, Kolkata Knight Riders, CAA, Dr. Seuss, amongst other top tier brands. This business model has been proven in building billion dollar licensing programs in the US and internationally, and has been localized to handle the nascency, challenges, and nuances of the Indian consumer market.

The Wild East Group has been in business for 2.5 years and has executed several first of brand extension programs for some of the top brands. Globally,the industry commands over $180 billion in additional revenue for brands.  Currently, there are no agencies that are of direct competition to The Wild East Group.


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