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Dhama Innovations was founded by Kranthi Kiran Vistakula, while he was pursuing his Masters at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston. Kranthi was plagued by the most common problem faced by people the world over, that of coping with fluctuating weather & temperature extremes in different seasons.

In Boston, the freezing New England winters required Kranthi to wear many layers of clothing every time he stepped out of his house. But the sharp contrast in temperatures between the acute cold outdoors and the centrally heated indoor environment meant putting on and taking off these layers of clothes repeatedly throughout the day. While everybody else accepted this as a rather inconvenient part of life, Kranthi perceived it as an opportunity for innovation that could make life better.

Armed with the first prototype, a jacket made using the ClimaCon technology, he came back to India and began his journey towards achieving this dream.

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