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Squeakee is a revolutionary offline & online offers & specials search engine. As a platform Squeakee acts as a breakthrough intermediary technology for merchants to publish and consumers to discover offers & specials. Whether you are a mom-n-pop store or a retail chain or a national/international brand you can leverage Squeakee as a platform to flawlessly and innovatively display your offers and specials to obtain, engage, and retain customers.

Squeakee’s USP is it’s on location-targeted pure offers & specials content. Squeakee as a product helps its users to search and discover offers & specials around their preferred brands, products or category in their respective city/vicinity. While consumers search, Squeakee partners can use its location-aware technology to promote their offers and specials to drive these consumers in their stores which otherwise went undiscovered. Location-aware promotions are very useful for consumers as it helps shoppers on the move. Consumers value products and solutions far more when they are delivered at the right time, in the right place and in a relevant context, a gap which Squeakee identified and is filling for local market.

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