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Anuj Munot
Anuj Munot Anuj Munot has risen to become a Director with Kalpataru Limited at a young age, and has infused the company�s operations with his dynamism and professional approach. A Chartered Accountant degree and an MBA from NMIMS has empowered Anuj Munot to take up the multiple challenges of the business. Since 2002 when he joined Kalpataru, his keen business acumen has helped the company in exploring new avenues and venturing into new vistas. Passionate and ambitious in his approach, he has inspired and led a strong team of professionals while maintaining multifold growth of the company year on year at all times. Through his keen insight and multi-tasking abilities, he has galvanised the procurements, contracts, architecture, interior designing, IT and administration functions entrusted to him by the company, and has developed forward looking business strategies for the organisation. Methodical by nature with a drive for excellence, Anuj�s association with the Kalpataru Group has added tremendous value to the company�s portfolio.