Why Mumbai Angels?

It is the endeavor of the team at Mumbai Angels to ensure that its members make the most profitable return on their angel investments. A direct result of your proactive contribution is that a large number of start-ups apply to us. Using a granular approach, we dissect each venture to identify the best from the rest. The ones with the most entrepreneurial potential are selected to be presented to our members. Thereafter, each member invests in his / her individual capacity. However, it is the network’s experience that ensures high investment efficiency and performance.

Mumbai Angels seeks out “smart money” from its members. Apart from funds, we look for members who are able to mentor, strategize and offer connections to our start-ups that will take them to next level. The types of profiles and experiences we look for in members is listed below:
  • Existing or ex high-ranking executives
  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs who have an understanding of the challenges and difficulties often experienced by start-ups
  • Experienced angel investors
  • Extensive industry expertise
  • High Net Worth Individuals