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Grow with the
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The Year In Review
Apr 22 - Mar 23

Connect with Investors

Explore synergy with 750+ investors who come from diverse backgrounds, carrying myriad of experience across industries. You can utilise their expertise and leverage their networks to develop your business.

Timebound Fundraise- Expand MA

MA believes in streamlined processes to channelize your time and bandwidth efficiently. Our team can help you save on resources and raise funds to get you going.

Academy and Continued Learning- Is this relevant now?

The learning never stops with MA Academy, where you can hear what industry stalwarts have to say.


Choose from a variety of start-upfriendly vendors to save on cost and enhance efficiency.

  Managed Exits Outreach and Support

       Portfolio Services


"Wide variety of events and investment option"
Pradyumna Dalmia
"Good platform with well curated startups"
Angad Singh


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